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Welcome to Walderslade Girls’ School, a medium sized, friendly and family oriented all-girls High School located in the Medway town of Chatham.We are a Specialist College for the Arts and place great emphasis on creative teaching to inspire our pupils’ learning across the curriculum.We value creative subjects within our specialism which includes fine art, textiles, photography, sculpture, drama, dance, music and musical theatre, alongside a full and diverse academic curriculum.We cater for girls of all abilities from the most able to those who perhaps struggle with aspects of their learning.(Prostitution is technically legal in the UK, though not when facilitated by soliciting, kerb crawling or brothel ownership).ut despite my support of sex work, I’ve found myself feeling a bit queasy reading Parsons’ comments.

Branding, keeping a website up to date, customer relations, social media, accounting: it takes a smart and driven person to make it tick.

Charlotte Avery, president of the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA), suggests that pupils should be taught to have the courage to test out their ideas, to help them become more resilient.

In her speech to the GSA’s annual conference in Manchester, Ms Avery also warns that in today’s technology-driven world, youngsters have “less childhood and more adolescence” and suggests it is “futile” to debate banning or supervision of their smartphones.

“We must encourage them to take intellectual risks gradually in the supportive environments of our schools, habituating them to having the courage to test out imperfectly formed ideas in a non-judgmental context.

“Courage develops with practice and with repetition.

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