Korshunova dating

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Korshunova was buried at Khovanskoye Cemetery in Moscow on July 7, 2008." "We dated for a month," the heartsick Vorobeyv told The News."We were outside once, and the rain started falling so we started walking around in the rain and kissing.They met at a party in Moscow, when she was still smarting from her breakup with boyfriend Artem Perchenok, 24.I do not believe in love at first sight at all, but lightening definitely struck.

Although the green-eyed beauty did not leave a note, police have ruled her death a suicide.You can download the code that accompanies the article here.Since you have not added your new row yet it should validate OK.There is more to suggest that the model may have been depressed though, with recent blog posts hinting at hidden angst.In one message three months ago she wrote: "I'm so lost.

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