La mayor dating ktla lou parker

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Now comes the story that the LA Mayor has been dating a new LA TV reporter in recent months.

Corsini also was responsible for what many in the Los Angeles media world have dubbed the "The Post Game Laker Sex Report".Villaraigosa, of course, famously had an affair with former KVEA anchor Mirthala Salinas while still married to his wife; Villaraigosa eventually split from his wife and later Salinas as well. And although your relationship didn't last long, it had a permanent impact on your image and reputation as a politician. but that's because your most serious competitor was a right-wing nutjob. TV station, and have covered the Mayor -- as recently as Sunday night, reporting on the possibility he's dropping his plans to run for Governor.Salinas left the Telemundo station after being reassigned because of the relationship. And now, you're still pondering a run for Governor, so whaddyuh do... You were dating the Mayor, yet went ahead with that report anyway.Corsini ran KCAL-TV for years, then oversaw and ran the combined KCAL/KCBS TV duopoly.The first of its kind in the major market TV business.

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