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Studies of user typology on the site have revealed that some users answer from personal knowledge – "specialists" – while others use external sources to construct answers – "synthesists", with synthesists tending to accumulate more reward points. looked at the ego networks of users and showed that it is possible to distinguish "answer people" from "discussion people" with the former found in specialist categories for factual information, such as mathematics and the latter more common in general interest categories, such as marriage and wrestling.They also show that answer length is a good predictor of "best answer" choice.

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Once a user becomes a "Top Contributor" in any category, the badge appears in all answers, questions, and comments by the user, regardless of category.Users begin on level 1 and receive 100 free points.Prior to this, they began on level 0, could only answer one question, and then were promoted to level 1.There are also levels (with point thresholds), which give more site access.Points and levels have no real world value, cannot be traded, and serve only to indicate how active a user has been on the site.

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