Leigh valentine love and dating sevice

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A boy and a girl fall in love during summer camp and promise to stay in touch, but they don't.

Fifteen years later they meet again in the same camp under very different circumstances.

A life long love of the ocean propelled Mercree to launch eco-friendly trips to share the enchanting places she has discovered.

If you couldn’t guess by now – we LOVE Valentine’s Day around our little corner of the internet!

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With our Eat, Drink & Be Mine printables it can be a special and romantic evening for two, in your own home!

See full summary » Newly single Brian Connor buys a long abandoned house in the country.

After moving in he begins to communicate with a woman who lived in the house 50 years ago and who died under mysterious circumstances.

Hang it on the wall, the table, or even the back of a chair.

We all know the dinner is important, but lets be honest, on Valentine’s Day it’s all about the desserts.

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