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Find Control now works as intended see post #5 in this thread for the solution.

There are two unresolved issues, see post #6 in this thread: 1) Editing the first item still results in Find Control returning null instead of the correct control.

While the List View control provides editing support, it requires a bit more work from the page developer to get it going.

The reason is because the List View is defined by templates whereas the Grid View and Details View are defined by fields.

This doesn't happen for all other entries (2nd and onwards, including the last item).

2) After inserting an item or canceling the insert the dropdownlist in the Insert Item Template shows nothing anymore because Data Bind() is called again as the if(! Is Post Back) doesn't properly work somehow More detailed code and explanation in the posts below.

To configure the Data Source control to handle insert, update and delete click “Advanced...” button. Click “Configure List View...” option as seen in the above figure to choose the display Layout for the List View.

Hi, In the Configure List View Options I'm unable to select "Enable Editing, Inserting, Deleting". Also when I try to force it, the browser displays error: "Inserting is not supported by data source 'Sql Data Source1' unless Insert Command is specified."When I configure the data source of my listview and I clicked the advance the Generate Insert, Update, Delete Statments checkbox is disabled. How do I enable the checkbox in order to use the add edit delete for my listview? I had to go through about 20 other posts before I found yours.

We can also handle these edit, update, delete and insert events in Item Command of List View control.

Since, List View is capable of displaying the data in user defined formats these features will be very useful to do these operations in those layouts itself. If you have anything like that on a site you control I'd fix it ASAP before you get hacked. I 've just made my own listview, everyting seems to work. New Edit Index;" in the lv Mine_itemediting method.

Namely, each field in the Grid View or Details View is rendered in its editing interface; Bound Fields display a Text Box control while Check Box Fields display an enabled checkbox.

Moreover, a Command Field is added, which displays the Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons, as needed.

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