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The area was usually used for outdoor snacking on food bought in the Student Union.

The concert was held on the University of Miami "patio", an outdoor gathering area adjacent to the pool.

It really doesn't matter which channel you listen to as they both sound pretty much the same, but if you listen to both channels summed together into mono you will find that the short time delay between the two channels makes it sound quite weird. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the monster, which the peasants in this area call FRUNOBULAX (apparently a very large poodle dog) has just been seen approaching the power plant.

Considering the jiggery pokery that has been done to the recording on this ancient cassette, it doesn't sound all that bad apart from a few tape dropouts here and there.

I hope you enjoy this particular piece of Zappa history.

"Duck Duck Goose" on Läther contains - - - of the Osaka recording. The next deck up was a portable reel-to-reel that cost about 00. I forget the specs but each mike used an AA battery internally.

The Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar version of "Ship Ahoy" consists of - - of the Osaka recording. At the time, I believe, it was the only mid-priced deck of its kind (about 0).

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