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Curious about ancient roots of World's oldest profession?

Procon Prostitution published a great timeline of historic documentation from Ancient Times through Middle Ages until today showing the course development.

We all know the negative effects of over-exposure to tourism.

Too many places were once a heaven to find GFE experiences and later they turned sour to hardcore pros and pimps like Rio and Phuket.

Youtube offers videos from private people as well as TV features from around the globe.

The World's largest photo sharing portal shows plenty stills of whores online.

Many tourists dream about moving to Thailand permanently while making a living owning or running a bar full of cladly dressed women.

One of them is to have sex in a legal whore house, because they heard about Nevada being the only US state to allow and regulate prostitution.Changping in China is one of the hottest sex haevens in China, today.John Tron of Asian Sex Diary - who usually punts around Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand - wanted to find a new spot in Asia.Check out Ladies of the Night album for a collection of historic photos of the last 100 years.It includes images of Eric Burdon in German brothel separe in the 1960s.

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