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"I read somewhere that you were on a date with Aaron Eckhart the other night," host Chelsea Handler said, referring to reports that claimed the two were recently spotted dining together in Baton Rouge at Sullivan's Steakhouse.

An embarrassed Sims, 36, remained mum on the subject and only offered a smile in response. Though Sims was short on words in the interview, she soon changed her tune and confirmed her new relationship with Eckhart, 41, to Fox411

When Love Happens again is a romantic comedy which tells the story of Moduroti Bankole-Smith (Mo), a 28 year old event planner who plans more of weddings but can’t wrap her head around where the ideal man for her may be.

Getting a call from one of her oldest friends to plan a big ‘royal’ wedding, dealing with pressure from family and friends and meeting her high school nemesis, ‘Mary’, who wanted everything Mo wanted back in high school from grades to boys, and finally had one thing Mo did not have: a family.

The "Love Happens" star is reportedly dating model-turned-actress Molly Sims.

When Sims made an appearance on "Chelsea Lately" last week to promote her new jewelry line, the actress found herself talking less about her new business venture and more about her personal life.

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See full summary » Daryl Graham (Lamman Rucker) has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens, apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can't stop talking about him. See full summary » A 28 year old event planner feels the clock ticking on her chances of getting married.Der wichtigste Tipp beim Online-Dating überhaupt: Nicht mit der Erwartung starten, sofort die perfekte Frau zu finden – das kann nämlich auch bei Tinder & Co. Offen sein für neue Menschen und Erfahrungen – das ist der Schlüssel. Grab your diary and circle Friday 30th June because you won’t want to miss Love Happens Here For Women.Wer alkoholisiert tindert, gibt möglicherweise mehr preis, als er will.Auch unschöne Tippfehler oder wirres Gefasel mindern die Chancen.

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