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Continue to remain diligent in looking for trends in your branch and with your clients.

Use the resources from the agencies for fraud awareness and educate your borrowers to be cautious of an overzealous real estate agent that may coach them to participate in actions that may seem innocent on the surface.

Baxter’s AMIA APD with SHARESOURCE, a two-way, cloud-based telehealth platform, is the newest innovation designed to advance home peritoneal dialysis (PD) therapy.

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There is also a steady trend towards omissions that mislead or misinform the operational support teams, because without knowledge from an originator or real estate agent to inform the support staff, it is more likely whatever was omitted would not be found out.

One key to these fraud schemes is that there is a higher propensity for the fraud to be committed on loans that include first-time homebuyers and those borrowers that need affordable lending products (low-moderate income borrowers).

The agency fraud resources page has excellent tools and information that can assist you in those loans that have questionable characteristics.

This year’s awards were presented at the Harris Theater in Chicago on Oct.

Or, if you bring it up, the borrower or Realtor has a reasonable explanation and you are afraid that if you push the topic you will lose the loan, or in some cases the relationship with the Realtor.

Taking it seriously typically starts from the top and trickles down to the masses.

It is my opinion that it should start at the point of sale and should not be a lesson after the loan closes.

Something each of has an obligation and responsibility to report whenever encountered, or even suspected, is fraud.

Originators are on the front line and can spot this behavior more easily than operations.

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