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According to Amnesty International, as well as lawyers for some of those detained, forced anal exams were carried out on some of the individuals accused of having homosexual sex.Egyptian Judicial sources cited by Reuters did not deny the anal examinations, instead defending the procedures as legal and not a form of abuse, as human rights organizations have charged.Lucas said the liberal world has been struggling to react to the events in Egypt and other recent reports of homophobia across the larger Islamic world.He stated: Now that we are talking about Muslim homophobia, it is becoming very inconvenient for liberals because liberals are apologists for Islam.Though not adhering to Islamic modesty standards - and at odds with Ms Lymus' ideals - last September saw Palestinian magazine, Lilac, in a first for Arab magazines, feature a model in a bikini on its front cover.The stunning model, Huda Naccache, was an Arab Israeli.I could write about anything but not about Islam because gay people should be in their own box …

She is now venturing into the world of modelling and has timed the launch to coincide with New York Fashion Week, Her ambitions are no less lofty, however: 'We take things seriously and are professional just like other models.

Islam is our friend.’” Lucas is the founder and CEO of Lucas Entertainment, New York’s largest gay adult film company and one of the biggest gay porn production companies in the world.

He was speaking in an interview Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, Fifty-seven people were reportedly arrested by Egyptian authorities in recent days in what the news media have described as the widest crackdown on the country’s gay community.

Egypt’s media regulator then banned homosexuals from appearing in the media unless they were “repenting,” calling homosexuality a “shame and a disease that should be kept under wraps, not promoted” in order to protect public morality. The overwhelming majority of those arrested are not involved in the flag case, however, and have simply been arrested over their perceived sexual orientation in the following days.

Police have raided homes, parties, and used online dating apps to lure gay men — a common tactic in Egypt — to arrest most of them, their lawyers say.

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