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Dokumentarni film nagrađivane filmske ekipe - redatelja Ivana-Gorana Viteza, direktora fotografije Lutve Mekića, montažerke Antonije Mamić i autora specijalnih efekata Andreasa Čogulje - napravljen je u produkciji Native Ad Studija Hanza Medije i Hrvatskog Telekoma.

Resident Nicole Boivin said she's more at ease in a changing room that is only for women. Leuenberger defended Brossard's new rules as necessary, adding "we can't have different rules for a category of citizens — we want one rule for everybody." He said people like Bérard will simply have to live with it.

Locker-room nudity also surfaced as an issue in Montreal this past summer when signs cropped up at a pool asking swimmers to show discretion and not hang around in the buff.

Advertise in the local newspaper that America is loaded with perverted men and you, as a paid public service, are conducting an educational class for women who are new to the country and who do not want to be victims of voyeurism by a pervert.

Mention in the ad, for demonstration purposes only, for the women to come to class wearing as little clothing as legally possible.

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