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She liked strangers watching her tits bounce with every step, and watching the roll in her ass as she walked down the sidewalk. But it certainly was ironic as Mandy stood in more than one store looking for stuff for Ashley, herself not wearing a stitch. "I'm just joking, but I do like that purse." Mandy said. Mandy just stood there with her jaw on the floor as Ashley slowly walked over to her. Ashley had a great body, one that Mandy thought she shouldn't be worried about showing off.

Mandy opened the door to the coffee shop, not sure how they would take the sight of a completely naked girl in their shop. People weren't quite used to seeing nudists out and about, and Mandy got more than one person make a remark at her. It made her even more nervous at first, but as time went on she started to relax and had a good time. Since I don't wear clothes any more, I need to make sure my accessories make me look good." Mandy said. She had big firm breasts that bounced slightly as she walked.

Mandy felt a bit uncomfortable at all the stares, but she also felt turned on at the same time. Mandy then turned and walked toward the door, but paused and turned her head and smiled back at the lady then shook her tan butt as she said, "Its fun, you should try it some time." Mandy laughed as she walked out the door and started her trip home. In a few short hours she would be a full time nudist. She got plenty of more stares as she walked back to her place. She knocked, and seconds later Ashley came to the door and laughed at seeing her friend on her doorstep completely nude. They walked through the mall, Mandy naked and Ashley fully clothed, ironically looking at clothes. She was suddenly aware just how alone she felt there by herself being that she was also naked.

She liked all the eyes on her and her body, taking in every inch. "You are the first nudist i've met since that law was passed," she said anxiously. Before they would both be shopping for clothes but now it was just Ashley. Mandy was getting ready to get up to follow Ashley to the bathroom when she turned and just started laughing. Here she was just joking with her friend about the purse when out of the bathroom walked a now completely nude Ashley.

The Starbucks was only a short walk from her house. I got lots of stares, but people are going to get used to it eventually." "Don't the stares make you uncomfortable? "At first it was a little weird, walking down the sidewalk completely nude, but after a few minutes you forget you're naked," Mandy said. And I was going to invite you to the mall." "I'd love to go, but I gotta go to City Hall first to register as a nudist. That first day would be a challenge, but eventually they would get used to it. She signed some paperwork certifying her as a nudist.

In fact it was just down the street, so her first trip outside the house legally nude would be a quick one. All she wanted was to be happy, and being nude did just that. They gave her a new ID which allowed her to prove she was in fact a nudist. She left City Hall and stripped on her way to the car.

As she walked, she passed several people in a state of disbelief. All the people constantly looking at your most intimate parts? "Normally, i'm all stressed out most of the time, but when I get to come home and take my clothes off, the stresses of the day just go away." "I can see that. Yet you just walk in here like you are dressed and order a coffee. " It was her friend and co-worker Ashley on the phone. Her leather seats would take some getting used to on her bare behind. "I"m just getting ready." "It wouldn't take you so long if you went nude with me," Mandy said. "I thought you were getting more comfortable in the nude? You even said you enjoyed being naked." "Well, sure. She had always wanted to do this, but had never dreamed she would be able to. She was just joking about buying the purse, she was just trying to tease her.

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What Congress had essentially done was make it legal to be nude in public, as long as you were a registered nudist. She didn't have any plans on Saturday, so she planned on spending her day at home relaxing.

Nudists are now allowed to register with their local townships, allowing them to go about their lives, in the nude... She had often wondered what it would be like to be able to go to work in the nude. Ashley worked with Mandy, and she knew of Mandy's nudist habits, but no one else did.

and where ever they want." "Holy crap," Mandy said. " With that Mandy turned off the TV, and grabbed her keys. She ran her hands through her curly brown hair which came down to her back, then adjusted her 34c boobs. Would she be accepted by her friends and co-workers?

It surrounds one girl who is a dedicated nudist, and one who is not. ***** The sun started peering through the curtains in her bedroom as Mandy laid there sound asleep. She stretched her arms above her head and rubbed her eyes trying to get used to the daylight.

She was out late the night before, and had slept in as it was already close 10 o'clock in the morning.

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