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Možete me kontaktirati na e-mail: [email protected]Posljednja opomena pred tuzbu....3 dana da se oglasite....putem gore navedenog e mail-a LPGrgic Ivan i was order watch from .they know how to protect their business - present and future!i checked my credit card transaction and got transfer to PES*INFINITECHARMSHOP HANGZHOU.I have had a charge of 5.23 AUD onto my credit card two months in a row.I did not receive what ever it is and I did not authorize you to debit my credit card.Please issue a credit for 9.3debited to my card on 1/11/17.

And the con game is as old as time itself—people have literally been tricking one another since the beginning of time.

Just purchased a sport shoes on costing , but was deducted from my account under the name of Keansmall clothing.

Bought a Playmobile set advertised at £29.99, seemed a good deal (maybe to good to be true in hindsight).

Have to dispute charges with your credit card company.

I love shopping on line; I do not miss going to a store and being frustrated that I don't find what I am looking for.

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