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They are indentified by arsenal cartouche /26\, /016\, and [0141], a set of three Chinese ideographs (left side of receiver), an additional set of two Chinese ideographs (right side of receiver), and a “KFS (Keng’s Firearms Specialties) Riverdale Georgia” import stamp.Supposedly, these are made to higher standards than other Chinese made SKS and are fairly uncommon.Hey Pawnshop, is the fit and finish better on your Security SKS compared to a regular Norinco?I've only seen about three Norincos up close, but my Security SKS is much, much better. This is my SKS, the top photo shows the two Chinese Security ideographs on the right side of the receiver: Mine is one of the 0141 made units and unfortunately Buba got to it before me It was in a Ram Line stock, had the bayo mount ground off, brake added, has no mag and was generally abused. I was thinking about a Tapco T6 stock but after doing some research i'm thinking negative on that. Anyone contribute info other than what's already been said?As I understand it the Chinese Security Forces are like their Gestapo or Stassi, if they come get you they keep you, very bad news.I tested this theory by handing my Security Forces marked rifle to an acquaintance who happens to be a Chinese citizen and a shooter so I could see his reaction.Each component of the SKS, from stock to bayonet lug, or lack thereof, is covered, indicating assembly point and year of manufacture. Those who like to reload will want to read the SAAMI specifications to achieve maximum reliability. --Red Meinecke The SKS Carbine covers its subject in great detail, from its early development to detailed descriptions of variations in the most minor parts. but has detailed repair instructions, is well written and easy to understand.Accessories and their origin are covered along with maintenance procedures . The SKS Carbine is profusely illustrated, articulately researched and covers all aspects of its development. Whether you consider yourself a collector or not, if you are an owner of the some one million SKS carbines that have been imported into the United States, you need this book.

Post a photo of it and a good shot of the left side of the receiver or any markings for a more accurate identification.

The bulk of all Chinese guns that came in were most likely rebuilt.

The parts were then used to build complete guns They did not bother to mark them as Military contract guns were and just gave them what was needed for importation.

When he saw the marking he jumped, fear flashed across his face briefly, then he got very excited and explained it to me.

The rifles are marked with two small characters on the right side just behind the ejection port, and are fairly uncommon in the US, THAT is why they are sought after.

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