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I wasn't about to have my own bizarre sex talk with my immigrant mom ( Cut to 15 minutes later where she yelled: "MOM, enough already! But I'm glad you asked, it's important and I want to tell you.' Kids will notice you are feeling awkward or embarrassed anyway. Find out what she wants to know before you start answering. But I started rambling in great detail about the technicalities of sex because I wanted to be like that totally awesome cool mom who turned it all around. Heather Shumaker, author of says, "It's fine to tell your kids, 'My parents never talked to me about this, so I'm nervous.Plus he wasn’t a minute man so it was a lot of work.” – Jennifer Jennifer’s husband Raymond only had one thing to say about the ordeal …

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Now44News is nearly identical to known hoax purveyor Now8News, both fake news sites that masquerade as the online arms of local television news outlets in order to spread hoaxes and generate ad revenues.

As soon as my parent friends started talking about having the "sex talk" with their kids, all I could think about was how my poor immigrant Korean mom (love you! She mixed holy Christian references with a story about males excreting a special milk: I then traded secrets, mortified and humiliated, with at least five other sixth grade Catholic school girls to piece together how people had sex and made babies. I avoided the topic for hours until she cornered me at bedtime. And it's less embarrassing." Some suggestions from Kennedy-More are, 5. They sense that something is taboo and needs to be danced around, which closes off communication. When we worry about making mistakes, that's when the worst ones happen."7.

We had talked about body parts, but she could barely tie her shoelaces. Please tell me what it is." Then she plopped down next to me and waited for the verdict. "At the end of the conversation ask questions like, `I wonder why you asked it? Pause at some point to confirm, "Did I answer your question? They don't leave anything out that we should be covering. My daughter absolutely picked up on the fact that I was withholding information from her. "When our kids sense that we're hiding something, that becomes the focus," says Elaine Rose Glickman, parenting expert and author of .

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