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They generally only burrow their head in the skin and fill up the exposed body by sucking your blood.Based on your description, my best guess would be the bed bugs.after all, anxiety is a natural and a normal human emotion.I know we became used to being ’scared ‘ of anxiety, thinking we MUST not feel it ever, but in reality, we will feel it on many occasions and take it as a normal part of life where we know it will not stick around forever.You can find good prices on essential oils like those at Puritan's Pride.

I was only too pleased and thought I would do a new post with the story included.

Are you positive that they DO burrow, or are you just assuming that they do because you can't see them?

It would be a good idea for your mom to get some quality tea tree oil, or Indian neem oil, or even oregano oil and place several drops (10-20) in her bath water for a nice soak a couple times per day.

Hello everyone, I haven’t visited this website in so long. Eventually I got confident that even though I am out and I have anxiety INITIALLY, I am still going to stay there and I will NOT run home and avoid it.

I knew that this is an essential part of recovery and no magic pill will ever make me feel better, it was up to me and slowly I started enjoying my life again, I got more confident and rarely get anxious anymore, when I do, I know I am not going back to square one again.

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