On line dating fraud

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Alternatively, they may say your money or your bank account is at risk if you don't give them the information they need right away.These tactics are designed to pressure you but don't be rushed into doing something you're not sure about.

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This turns out to be spyware, which is used to get your personal details.Legitimate IT companies don’t contact customers this way.Read our section about staying safe online for more tips and advice.See our sections on pension scams and investment scams for more information about these types of scams.This is a call from someone claiming to be from a charity supporting scam victims, a company selling anti-scam technology, or from someone demanding money to renew your Telephone Preference Service registration, which is actually free. Check a charity’s registration with the Charity Commission to find out if they’re genuine Older people are often a target for scammers, so it's important to be aware of phone scams and how to handle them.

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