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Grants also make up 18.5% of the state’s total fiscal support for higher education.All told, New York is one of the most desirable states to pursue an education, with a tremendous amount of opportunities, excellent in-state and out-of-state rates and the 2nd largest pool of financial support in the nation.

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At the most basic level, we use the following formula to determine the best online colleges: Academic Quality Online Offerings Cost and Student Aid = Final Score.

Two leading advocates of online education in New York are the New York Distance Learning Association (NYDLA) and the New York State Distance Learning Consortium (NYSDLC).

NYDLA identifies itself as the, “Premier remote work, distance/digital learning and collaboration association in the United States and beyond.” While such associations are often geared towards students in need of a directory of courses and cross-institutional exchanges, the NYDLA is instead focused on the professionals of online education, providing them with resources like blogs, conferences and podcasts that track the latest efforts in distance education in New York.

Of course, there's more to these calculations than meets the eye.

Visit our methodology page to discover the data points that shape our formula and to learn more about the process we use to rank schools.

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