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While Ad Surf Daily free members can view sites, they are not paid commissions. Ad Surf Daily will pay you for viewing (surfing) just twenty-four (24) ads a day.Commissions are based on the number of ad packages you purchase to advertise your website.We total the number of ad sales each day, multiply the total by 60% and pay this amount daily to our surfing advertisers.You can keep your daily earnings or re-purchase additional ad packages.Black Box Cosmetics products are formulated with potent nutrients and botanicals to offer superior results.The company plans to release a line of Nutraceuticals in the future to compliment its personal care items.

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All XClub is positioning itself as the first MLM in the Adult Entertainment Industry.After having a party and purchasing products, the hostess has access to a personal weight loss coach, and attends another once a month cooking class to learn how to cook healthy meals.The opportunity is for a consultant position offering the online program to customers, along with protein kits, herbal kits and take home, do it yourself Body Wrap kits.Each product pack contains a variety of products from the Bellamora line.Belly Buster Diet is an information and party plan based company that provides diet and weight loss products on a direct sales platform and describe themselves as a layered distribution organization.

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