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Depending on the software being used, these fundamental types can be divided into more specific types, for example integer and floating point are numeric types.

More sophisticated types can be derived from them, for example a string of characters or a date type and their names may vary, such as text data type versus string data type.

Secondary data is most commonly from: the internet; encyclopaedias; newspapers, magazines, TV, radio shows; reference books.

Note: sometimes the distinction between primary and secondary data is blurry.

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User Flow Diagrams (UFD) – new for 2016 The study design glossary defines a UFD as…“ Common data types include: Data types determine the storage requirements and properties of fields.For example, defining field DOB as type ‘Date’ not only lets the RDBMS allocate the exact amount of storage space, but it also notifies the database that it can perform date calculations with that field.Facebook, the weather bureau) provide an API (Application Programming Interface) that provides a gateway to let other people’s software extract data from the repository.In that way, for example, anyone can write an app that extracts today’s weather forecast from the met bureau’s dataset, or login to an online service using their Facebook credentials.

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