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Photos: Veteran actor/broadcaster, Sadiq Daba, returns to Nigeria after undergoing treatment for Leukemia and prostrate cancer in the UK Veteran Broadcaster/actor, Sadiq Daba, has returned to Nigeria after weeks o ...

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Nigerian actress shares story of how God saved her from 'one chance operators' who mercilessly beat her before robbing her in Lagos Nigerian actress, Aza Samantha Becky has just shared a touching story o ...Dear friends, The deadline for the early entries of our official training camp #2 is approaching. For sure when you run straight from one Christmas party to another.You still got time to book accommodation and trainings for the last week of March 2018. Its always an extra motivation to have a clear target when I go training. Read story | Main page Hope you had a great Christmas and you got some useful presents.Please register for participation through [email protected] Close collaboration with Thanks to a genius introduction by Gert-Jan Mulder (director of BOS, Buddhist Broadcasting) at one of the [email protected] events, a very pleasant cooperation with Anne Kleisen from Bodhitv and Annewieke Vroom started. Read the students publications and Buddhist responses, and check out the film with our students expressing their views on Buddhism, at Lorioli Fratelli MARIA • DEI • PARENS • IN • CAELVM • ANIMA • ET • CORPORE • EVECTA • PRONVNTIATVR • CAL • NOV • A • MCML The Blessed Virgin Mary being raised up to heaven by a choir of angels.

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