Overcome height dating jo and lucas still dating

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For them, not being tall (read: 6 feet and up) is the ultimate deal breaker.

that tall men are preferred in the online dating scene and also generally get more action offline.

According to a survey conducted by Opinion Matters for Golden Goose, women actually lie more than men on their online profiles by close to 10 percent.

When surveyed, they said that they hoped that their personalities would cover up the extra pounds, smaller cup sizes and undisclosed years when they finally meet the men they are interested in.

They make you feel like a supermodel when you stand next to them. Their height prevents you from standing on your tippy toes.

Tallness is a trait women love, though they generally give very ambiguous reasons for this preference.

Common reasons include that they feel more "protected" when with a taller guy, or that they want "tall kids".

It’s safe then to say that if she agrees to meet you for an actual date, she is already aware that you might in fact be shorter and has still made a conscious decision to meet you.

What is the harm of lying about your height anyway?

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