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And while Bannon indulges in laughably crude if not borderline-offensive imagery, including snarling dogs, to depict the ferocity of Palin’s political foes (particularly, but not exclusively, President Obama), he’s effective at conveying Palin’s undeniably charismatic appeal.

Ultimately, “The Undefeated” can be viewed as a chronicle of Palin’s self-invention as a popular yet polarizing public figure, one obviously aware that her greatest strength may be her carefully maintained image as a down-to-earth, shoot-from-the-hip maverick.

But it persuasively argues that, in any event, she’ll continue to be an influential and galvanizing force as a leader of the Tea Party movement. Crew: Camera (HD, color), Dain Valverde; editor, Valverde; music, David Cebert; sound designer, Aaron Wold; associate producers, Patrick Radoci, Mary Beth Meredith, Diane Clohesy, Wendy Colbert, Andy Badolato. With: With: Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce, Andrew Breitbart, Kate Obenshain, Meghan Stapleton, Tom Van Flein, Kurt Gibson, Tom Irwin, Marty Rutherford, Kristan Cole, Judy Patrick, Con Bunde, Rick Halford, Gene Therriault, Jamie Radtke, Sonnie Johnson.

Don’t be surprised if you actually do see excerpts from this doc at some political convention in the not-so-distant future. Williams, Shirley Evans, Randy West, Linda West, W. Reviewed at AMC Gulf Pointe 30, Houston, June 30, 2011.

Bannon strives to give every scene an insistently propulsive pace, relying heavily on smash cuts, skittish pans and self-conscious switches between color and black-and-white.

Helmer overhypes much of his archival footage and almost drowns out some of his interviewees with the sort of thunderous music one normally hears only in movies when astronauts are preparing to blow up meteors.

Aggressive grassroots marketing could stoke modest B. action during carefully calibrated theatrical rollout starting July 15.

Early on, Palin says by way of establishing her progressive bona fides that she was inspired by the populism of Frank Capra’s “Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington” — so much so, in fact, she kept a photo of Jimmy Stewart in her office while she served as governor of Alaska.

Anyone hoping for an inside look at Palin’s private life will be disappointed by “The Undefeated.” Pic fixates primarily on Palin’s rise from city council member to mayor of Wasilla (at a time not so long after the town got its very first traffic light) and then on her election as governor of Alaska and her selection as John Mc Cain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential race.

In TV interviews and newscasts dating back to her early days in Wasilla, she sounds far less aggressively folksy — and drops far fewer G’s at the end of words — than she does today.

Pic leaves open the question of whether she’ll run for president in 2012. Bannon, inspired by the book "Going Rogue: An American Life" by Sarah Palin.

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