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So far, we have a largely HTML page which defines the form; the only PHP so far is to specify the form’s action value.We need to add code which will pick up the form data and allow us to check it and create error messages if needed.He now teaches and has acquired a Masters degree in Internet Systems Development as well as a teaching qualification.Iain's specialized areas of teaching is web technologies, mainly programming in a variety of languages, HTML, CSS and database integration.The loop would generate the HTML for the options on the fly, and the check if the option has been selected or not can be incorporated into it. It’s just one of those minor inconsistencies we have to live with.One topic which I have not addressed and is outside the scope of this article is what you would do with the data after validation is successful.At the start of the script, before any HTML, you can check whether the form has been submitted using attribute, and I’ve also marked whether or not the field is a required field for validation purposes.

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A valid email can be marketing gold, but an invalid email address is dead weight.

Simfatic Forms helps you to make complete, feature rich forms and get it online quickly. Get more free, ready to use form downloads at Reusable“Contact us” forms are essential for almost any website.

The ‘contact us’ form provides an easy interface through which your visitors can communicate to you.

This prevents the form from breaking if the user submits HTML markup and also is a means of protecting against XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks, which attackers will use to try to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications.

Now that you’ve defined the form in HTML, let’s identify the two stages the form goes through – when the blank form is loaded, and when the user has completed the form and clicks the submit button.

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