Play vampire dating games

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Music gets a bit old after awhile and some sounds would be nice, other than that one of the best I`ve played in a while. do it and die and start over and then everytime you go to turn the light on her bloodlust goes up without you shining it in her face.then of course to fix that you need to refresh the page.

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Let your Valentine know you mean business this season with an...

Be careful of the rotten fruits and don't make them sick.

The more levels you accomplish, the more outfits will be available to dress up the a...

Let me know if any of you needs help with a certain ending. i Like these games specially this one, might be easy but a nice story , concernig the controls the´re ok if you get aquainted with, the achievments could pointed out better anyway overall is worth playing apologize for my poor english is not my native languge Oh-oh, just my kind of game!

The title was very deceiving (because Twilight has nothing to do vampires. It doesn`t.), but this turned out to be a very simple and fun game.

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