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Myth 5: If your mother had an easy pregnancy and delivery, so will you.Fact: Hereditary factors have no role to play in predicting how easy or difficult your pregnancy and delivery will be.So there's no doubt in saying that expecting mothers will want 100 percent clarity on how to fly safely when carrying their precious load.To ensure that you are relaxed when planning your next trip, here are a few top tips from you should consider: As long as you haven't experienced any complications, the safest time to fly when pregnant is during the second trimester.I dnt have my midwifes number as shes the most annoying women in the world. I don't think it has anything in it like a pain killer, I think it is just menthol.I didnt want to have to call up the maternity ward to ask such a silly question!!! Personally I wouldn't be too keen to use it while pregnant.And typical soon as i got home he wouldnt stop moving haha.. Try not to worry to much, its probs a lil knackered as they feel what we feel!

It's important to wear in-flight deep vein thrombosis socks and flexible shoes.

Im walking like a freak for the last two days and it literally takes me about 2minutes to walk up the stairs!!

Ive pulled muscles in both my thighs from saturday. And with heels on and picking up a 3 yr old my poor legs had the brink of the pain!

Fact: Experts say there is no scientific basis for this assumption and it is the woman's muscle size, structure, the position of the foetus, posture, and the amount of fat deposited around her abdomen that play a role in the size and shape of a pregnant belly.

Myth 2: Craving for salty foods means you're having a boy.

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