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They are masters of illusion and deception, and have often led others to their demise through trickery and deceit.

Nymphs costumes consist of the element that they represent.

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I can easily rewrite the character into a PC, so you would have more autonomy, but you would have an important plot hook later this week as well." "What's the catch? "The character is a water nymph." This didn't mean anything to me - I hadn't read about the magical races since I hadn't been planning on playing one - but it made a few of the other GMs giggle or gasp.

"Come on, I'm sure you have great tits." I glared at the speaker, a prick by the name of Jon whom I had luckily only encountered a few times in real life. I threw the armor at his head, and I was pleased that he didn't get his hands up in time.

"I hope that leaves a welt." I turned to the rest of the gawking boys and squeezed my breasts in my hands.

As I collapsed to the ground, I realized I was surrounded by a team of bandits and about to be skewered. My boyfriend, Gregg, had finally convinced me to join his friends at one of their live action role playing events.

I had been foolish and run off after the bandit that had stolen my shield without any backup. I had read them several times over the previous few weeks.

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