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as you can see in the signature i have fully hackeble psp, first gen is it still wise to have a pandora battery, i had 2 psp's broke one, so i can make the battery of the broken one in a pandora battery, or don't i need that anymore sorry for all those questions, causse i don't want to full brick mine last psp Thx OR is there a way to fix/patch new and old games to work on prometheus Although they each use their own ISO/CSO drivers (Pro CFW uses Inferno, and ME uses ME,) they are pretty much identical in ISO/CSO compatibility, and work for nearly all games, and the drivers are often updated to add more games to compatibility.

(The drivers are in Pro and ME, so, they will be updated as you update ME or Pro, so you don't need to go searching separately for them.) In all honesty, there isn't much serious difference between Pro and ME, aside from Pro also having 6.20 and 6.35 versions, though those two version do not have a CIPL.

You can download any PS1 game or PSP games HERE and put them on your memory stick in the H:/ISO folder you will then see them in your "Games" on the memory card.

Make sure you have successfully installed CFW 6.20 Pro B8 before trying to do this though.

Anyone may improve source and create own project based on, reach better perfomance in games.

This is the best way for improving own programming skills and contributing to the gaming community.

Note: You do not need to install OFW 6.39 or a 6.39 version of (L)ME or Pro to go to a 6.60 version of (L)ME or Pro. Since you are on 5.50 Promethues, if you get a get an already on 9.99 error when trying to install OFW: Select to connect your flash0 thru USB, open VSH/ETC and edit the to have release: 5.50 and not 9.99. All of Neur0ns ME and LME releases can be found here Note: LME is identical to ME but is for non-hackable PSPs or those with full-hackable PSPs but don't want a full CFW without having a pandora on hand just in case.

It needs to run a separate eboot after every shutdown to enable features again.

Doom PSP is a fan port of the Doom source code which runs on the Playstation Portable.

That date definitely warrants a Please don't post in dead topics. It was Ele who created it, but not even he has recently posted in this.

The last post was on the 2nd of this month, and it's now like the 26th.

Features:- Fast game speed as on the original PSP device- High quality game sound- High definition game graphics- Smooth game controller- Easy network gaming- Save and load game state- Support PSP-1000/PSP-2000/PSP-3000- A lot of custom configurations Enjoy it now, dear friends!

:)This emulator don't have any game included Important notice: this PSP emulator is created for educational purposes and based on PPSSPP emulator for PSP which is open source (GPL 2.0).

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