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How cool would it be to work out and go straight to work? Total creepazoid.""Over an awfully and unpleasantly forward sushi dinner near St. Which was exactly the same moment I saw the flashing lights. I had to play dumb at this point because I knew this guy was weird.)Him: 'That life, you know being a stripper, getting a discount in the gym. Same with you.' After picking up my jaw from the floor, I said a few choice words and left. '), I decided that it couldn’t get any worse and we went outside to smoke a joint.These lineages seem fairly obvious, as does the progression from the Ramones through the Smiths in the four large circles in the center, which drive powerful currents to the disparate likes of Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Shellac, the Human League, and Can. While Rhodes compares it to a streaming service that uses “musical connections to identify listening recommendations,” there’s much more going on here than Pandora’s algorithms might manage.You’ll find the garage rock revivalism of Thee Oh Sees, The White Stripes, and Ty Segall pop up on your internet radio, but most machine intelligences wouldn’t link them so neatly, as Quail does, with seminal, if obscure, acts like Billy Childish’s 90s band Thee Headcoats or 60s garage rockers The Sonics. My date tried to impress me by arguing with the cops.

Plentyoffish is 100% Free, unlike paid dating sites.When it comes to horrible dates, we've all been there, done that...maybe even done it again. ' Me: 'Ummmm.' (He kept saying 'what else' like to hurry the convo or something—it was really weird)Him:'Ugh, do you know anything? My date repeatedly and periodically yelled, 'I know you think this is my fault, but it’s not! ' To which I screamed, 'I’m not the one who cried in the cop car,' to general merriment."After emailing with Henry on Ok Cupid for about a week, we decided to meet at Home Sweet Home on Chrystie Street for a date.And everyone knows the real freaks congregate in NYC, meaning terrible one-on-ones are amplified in the most gruesome way, and often broadcasted across Facebook for all the world to recount. You had us laughing, crying, laughing again, and then almost vomiting. OMG, look behind you, I've been trying to figure out these people since I got here.' Me: 'Hmm, interesting group. In my mind, I was stoked for drinks with a hot, bearded, blue-eyed hipster from Long Island City, not someone with delusions about being a reincarnated American Civil War Yankee officer.A certain cohort around the world---ye olde Generation X (though fewer and fewer people probably know where that comes from)---can measure their common sensibilities by a constellation of musical references dating back to the late sixties and forward to the early oughts (whereby the runts of the bunch finally got around to having kids and mostly stopped leaving the house after dinner). not in any kind of linear board game way.” It started with a rumor—that the audience of the Sex Pistols’ June 4, 1976 show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester “included guys who would go on to start bands like The Smiths, Joy Division, and the Buzzcocks.” It might as well have jumped off from Brian Eno’s famous quote about everyone who bought the Velvet Underground’s debut album starting their own band.But instead of a constellation for the web of connections that somehow joins Ryan Adams, The Specials, and Suicide, the graphic above (view it in a larger zoomable format here) takes as its source the circuit diagram for the first commercial transistor radio from 1954, and well… Designer James Quail began “Alternative Love,” as it’s called, with the Sex Pistols, then worked his way back to David Bowie, the MC5, the Stooges, and the Velvet Underground and forward to The Strokes, Radiohead, the Arctic Monkeys, and Arcade Fire. What matters here is that it works: exploring the number of intricate connections between these bands with more breadth and immediacy than most alternative culture histories.

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