Pyromancer achievement not updating

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Sometimes double-clicking will open the jar file in a different program.

In Windows, you may need to right-click and open the properties to change the launching program to Java. Forge New User Guide Forge User Guide The original programmer can be found at mtgrares at yahoo com.

If you have difficulties with your System not working with Forge, please post on the forums so we can attempt to help.

This program works best with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 or better.

(We do this by passing -Xmx1024m as an argument to the Java VM.) People using Windows OS should double click the file.

Forge is an implementation of Magic the Gathering that lets you play against a computer AI opponent using most of the rules of a real game.

You can construct decks for you and the computer to play with, currently 16895 (and counting) cards are available.

The memory requirements for Forge have fluctuated over time.

The default setting on your computer for the java heap space may not be enough to prevent the above problems.

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