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What shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind.” Rachel Roy did not return FOX411’s request for comment.

Mrs Davis spoke out as Mail Online confirmed on Thursday that Lauren's husband Andrew Silverman - a close friend of Cowell's - has filed for divorce from his estranged wife, who has fled their multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment.

In an emotional statement shared on Thursday, she said she was “devastated” to hear of the death of her “dearest friend”.

During a 55-year career in theatre and on TV, Barraclough was best known for his Corrie character Alec Gilroy’s stormy marriage to Bet Lynch (Goodyear).

Despite the sophisticated arrangement, things soon turned funny when Simon was gifted a miniature car by his pal and 'American Idol' co-star Ryan, 40, who pokes fun at the judge's height, and began whizzing around the venue on it.

Taking to his Instagram account on Monday (), the TV host shared a photograph of Simon sitting on the tiny Maybach convertible, while he controlled it with a remote.

“Rachel did it because she has a new book out and her clothing line is dying,” the source revealed.

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“I will treasure all the happy times we had working and laughing together.

He wrote: ''Found Simon a Maybach in his size.''Meanwhile, the 'X Factor' judge's new mini vehicle comes just a few days after he admitted he'd like someone to buy him a miraculous flying car for his birthday. I saw one and I read about it in 'Top Gear' recently.

I thought, 'God, if there is anything I want, that is it'. If they can make one, that would be top of my list.

Tatiana Maslany is no longer attached after her role was reimagined during production on the pilot.

Once drawn in herself by the appeal of stores like Zara and H&M who turn over trends every two weeks and facilitate the concept of the ever-changing wardrobe, the author had a revelation after buying seven pairs of cheap flats.

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