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"If we design it correctly, people will want to be here." Berson acknowledged that some might criticize the creation of a neighborhood apart from the rest of the city, a place that would give employees few incentives to explore the rest of Camden. The credits, spread over 10 years, are conditional on Subaru creating or saving at least 100 jobs and remaining in Camden for 15 years.

Over the years, these shows have brought us some nasty and unforgettable fights."At the end of the day, the community wants to see something in return for the tax-free land these companies are getting," he said.In recent months, several companies have begun sketching out agreements with City Hall to contribute to Camden's community programs, provide job training, and more.The site could also link to the long-planned Glassboro-Camden light rail line.The new PATCO station is one of several improvements planned for Camden's public transportation, Nash said.

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