Recordset does not support updating

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This is where the 32 bit odbc manager is: C:\Windows\Sys WOW64\odbcad32- Windows - OS- Apache- ODBC-Connction to MS-Access DB on a:- Network Share After many hours searching here´s how it works:- Map the Network Drive where the mdb is located- Setup System DSN in Control Panel with mapped Drive- Open Registry at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC_INI- Edit the for example "M:\" to "\server\..."- Close Regedit- The Apache-Service must run with a Domain (network)-User!!

- After that you can connect using:$conn = odbc_connect('your-dsn-name','',''); hope that makes someone happy :)bye Connecting with SQL in a ODBC source2 ways, one is if your SQL server is runign in your machine$ser="LOCALMACHINE"; #the name of the SQL Server$db="mydatabase"; #the name of the database$user="myusername"; #a valid username$pass="my pass"; #a password for the username# one line$conn=odbc_connect("Driver=; Server=".$ser."; Database=".$db,$user,$pass);# one linethe second way is if the SQL Server is runing in other machine but in the same network$ser="LOCALMACHINE"; #the name of the SQL Server$db="mydatabase"; #the name of the database$user="myusername"; #a valid username$pass="my pass"; #a password for the username#one line$conn=odbc_connect("DRIVER=SQL Server; SERVER=".$ser."; UID=".$user."; PWD=".$pass."; DATABASE=".$db."; Address=".$ser.",1433","","");#one line _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/odbc_connect ERRO at DB2_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/To Solve the problem with DB2 PHP folow this steps! -- DB2 --Install the Data Bank Install Application Tools-- END DB2 ----- APACHE ---cd ../mod_ssl-2.8.5-1.3.22/./configure --enable-module=so --with-apache=../apache_1.3.22/ --with-ssl=../openssl-0.9.6c/cd ../apache_1.3.22/makemake certificate TYPE=custommake install--- END APACHE ----- PHP --cd ../php-4.1.1/./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs --with-pgsql --with-mysql --with-ibm-db2=/usr/IBMdb2/V7.1makemake install-- END PHP ----- LIB --vim /etc/confadd line: /usr/IBMdb2/V7.1/libexecute: ldconfig-- END LIB --To Solve the error ODBC_CONNECT exec the db2profile at the apachectl!!! -- APACHE EDIT TO RUN DB2 --vim /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectladd line: .

In spite of the importance of ETL processes, little research has been done in this area due to its complexity.

There is a clear lack of a standard model that can be used to represent the ETL scenarios.

This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype.' and you will spend 2 days (as I did) looking for the right combination of settings to write the record properly.

If you (still) get that annoying error like and you're using Access: MSaccess DSN(Microsoft Jet engine couldn't open the database 'Unknow'.

Building a data warehouse requires focusing closely on understanding three main areas: the source area, the destination area, and the mapping area (ETL processes).

The source area has standard models such as entity relationship diagram, and the destination area has standard models such as star schema, but the mapping area has not a standard model till now.

We simply added the optional parameter Cursortype to odbc_connect, and with the cursortype SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC it changed in that way!

Extraction–transformation–loading (ETL) tools are pieces of software responsible for the extraction of data from several sources, its cleansing, customization, reformatting, integration, and insertion into a data warehouse.

Building the ETL process is potentially one of the biggest tasks of building a warehouse; it is complex, time consuming, and consumes most of data warehouse project’s implementation efforts, costs, and resources.

Hope this helps anybody who must connect to db2 ;) If like me you are using openlink from unix to access an MS Access database on an NT/Win2k machine and find out that your INSERT queries don't do anything and don't report any errors, use odbc_pconnect().

I couldn't understand what was going on and after a bit of research I found out that with My SQL they recommended using mysql_pconnect() for INSERT queries. If using Openlink to connect to a Microsoft Access database, you will most likely fine tha odbd_connect() works fine, but discover that ANY query will produce odd results; with SELECT queries failing with "[Open Link][ODBC][Driver]Driver not capable, SQL state S1C00 in SQLExec Direct in on line xx" and INSERT / DELETE queries warning "No tuples available at this result index". This had me stumped for quite some time; because it was the odbc_exec() which was seemingly at fault...

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