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Pok Pok's famous roast chicken is stuffed with Thai aromatics like lemongrass, garlic and cilantro, then marinated in soy and fish sauces and basted with shallot oil and honey to ensure maximum flavor.The secret to the ultra-crispy skin on Rancho Llano Seco's porchetta is a slow rendering of fat — the fennel-and-garlic-stuffed loin cooks for almost four hours — paired with a blast in a 415-degree oven.The sweet ham, cooked with a light caramelized-sugar coating, receives a little kick from the suitably named redeye gravy, made from strong hot coffee and ham drippings.This refreshing fish salad is a popular island side dish.He can tolerate her politics, but not the fact that her idea of a deli is someplace that serves sprouts on a croissant.And, if she says "self-esteem" one more time, he's gonna commit Chantelicide. Wants to forgo his fourth grade eligibility and go straight to the pros. Carp (pronounced Mizzzzzz Carp), is also president of the local NEA chapter.You don’t need a decked-out barbecue rig to make this rib-eye roast.

He thinks we average, hardworking Americans need a break instead of a lecture.

Its name comes from the Hawaiian word for "massage," so don't be afraid to work the salmon, tomatoes and onions with your hands to help their flavors fuse together.

Chef Tom Meckfessel loads up his surf-and-turf paella with a ton of meat and seafood, including roasted pork loin, mussels and Gulf prawns, along with Spanish accents like Serrano ham, olives and saffron.

Slow-cooked with an easy garlic rub and the wine of your choice, then tossed with sauteed onions and peppers, the shredded meat plate packs rich flavors.

This traditional Southern steak boasts four ingredients and bursts of flavor.

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