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Demographically it’s dominated by quite young people, or people just over 30 – these people are dynamic and open-minded, with diverse interests, and are likely to have some disposable income.

However, businesses, especially foreign ones, have no major presence on VK.

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The audience tends to be more mature, closer to 40 years old and over, with quite traditional values and settled lives.

An app has been developed to communicate via mobile or computer (similar to ICQ service).

was founded in 2005 by graduates of Moscow State University, and is similar to Linked In.

There are therefore tons of old films and TV productions available to download in high quality (some of these are available on You Tube too, but not nearly as much).

Despite You Tube being the clear industry leader in online video sharing, Ru Tube is within the top 10 most popular Russian websites so it is not to be overlooked and is highly recommended as a channel to increase your online presence in Ru Net.

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