Ron ng linda chung dating

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HONG KONG - TVB sweetheart Linda Chung secretly married a chiropractor in Canada at the end of last year, she announced on Wednesday, amid rife rumours that she is expecting her first child.

She added: "He also quickly felt (like) I (could be) his wife."When asked about withdrawing from TVB, Linda promised she will not withdraw: "I still have a contract with TVB and will release (from it) this year."She disclosed her husband will return to Hong Kong often so as to see each other often.

Linda Chung and her chiropractor husband, Jeremy Leung held their wedding banquet on Feb 27 in Vancouver, Canada.

The lavish wedding banquet had many star-studded guests including TVB news presenter, Eunice Ho, Leanne Li, Grace Wong, Christine Kuo and more.

Linda, who had an '80s look, said, "In the series, I go from ten-something to forty-something. In the series, I portray a wealthy girl who dates Ruco without caring about family pressure. Will even have a short hairstyle after becoming a successful performing in a wig". He said, "I really like the script..a lot of feeling. Hope that it will become a series that will resonate with viewers and bring memories".

Because there are many Hong Kong stories intersecting, will have the feeling of watching 'The Greed of Man' and 'Vanity Fair' in the past.

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