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If they're successful, you can be certain it's due to their incredible endurance.

Nike believes the best place to run a marathon is a Formula One track.

Nike’s bid to produce the first sub-two-hour marathon at a to-be-announced date this spring will take place at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, site of the Italian Grand Prix every September.

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“Additionally, skies are typically overcast (minimizing heat load on the runners) and air currents don’t exhibit drastic directional shifts — thanks to the course being perfectly situated off shore and amid many trees,” Nike said in a press release.The course will be ratified by the IAAF, track and field’s international governing body, but the attempt will not be for an officially sanctioned world record, according to the , citing a Nike spokesperson.“The course will be IAAF ratified and will meet to all marathon course requirements, including independently measured course distance, start versus finish location and course elevation.Most Winter Olympic sports are high-speed and dangerously high-impact, from ski-jumping to short track speed-skating to hockey. granite curling stone down a long sheet of ice toward the center of a bull's-eye target is all about friction and surface physics, as NSF-funded scientists Sam Colbeck, formerly from the U. NSF-funded scientists Thomas Humphrey of The Exploratorium in San Francisco, and Kath ...To protect their skulls and brains, athletes wear protective helmets. Skates used by Olympic speed skaters, figure skaters and hockey players are custom-engineered by materials scientists so that the boots and blades meet the demands for each sport.

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