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is a 50-ish writer, screenwriter, teacher and author of a book about money. "I came home from kindergarten and told my mother I had read 'fuck you' written on the sidewalk. She told me it was a terrible word for the act that men and women did together when they wanted to make a baby."I don't remember how she described the actual act of intercourse, but I know she did describe it before I was past the fifth grade.And the women had learned about menstruation in sex education classes in school.What follows is what they told me about how they learned about sex. is a writer in her mid-30s and the mother of two children, a 9-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy.The mothers mentioned in this article are practicing artists, as well as active feminists with original minds, ranging in age from early 30s to early 60s.To protect their privacy, I've used initials instead of their full names.The only conversation she and I had about sex was when I was 16 years old.It went something like this: When it came to how they learned about sex, my friends were split.

The two older women, who had raised their kids in the 1960s and 1970s, seemed to have participated in the cultural changes of the times and were more open and available to their kids.

We tried to come up with others, such as tying knots, twirling, ring around the rosy, but none sounded right. So I did what every modern mother does -- I invited a focus group of mothers I know over for a virtual cup of coffee.

Someone suggested "playing with yourself," but I didn't like that because it made me think of dressing up a Barbie doll. I e-mailed each of them a short questionnaire about how they learned about sex, and from whom, and a variety of other topics like masturbation, oral sex, homosexuality and orgasm.

The party was a casual, post-poetry-reading affair, the kind where the food consists of a single bag of chips that gets passed around, lots of jug wine and whiskey. I was so proud of being a bad-girl mother out at night.

I was then asked by a handsome young man, "Well, what do you call it -- jacking off?

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