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The standard currency is Zeni, which is mostly mentioned at the World Martial Arts Tournament, and Dragon Ball Z Budokai series.In the World Tournament in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, second place is 5,000 Zeni and first place gives 10,000 Zeni.The events that occur on Planet Earth are continually watched over from a neutral standpoint by King Kai (ruler of the North Galaxies) and the Supreme Kais (rulers of the whole universe).

Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures in the real world still roam on Earth freely, while the characters fly around in futuristic levitating cars, and houses can be shrunk down to the size of portable capsules.

It is divided into 43 "sectors", led by a King of the Earth.

There is also a large military force on Earth, for use when threats loom over the world. While the length and divisions of the year seem to be identical to the Gregorian Calendar, years are reckoned by the age system (エイジ, Eiji; "Age" or "Before Age").

Even so, the anthropomorphic population sees a drastic and noticeable decline over the course of the series, but it never goes away completely.

In addition to the Earth's Guardian, the planet is also home to a few local deities such as Korin (the God of Martial Arts) and Annin (the guardian deity of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, the doorway to Other World that exists on Mount Five Element).

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