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ONE day last year Anne logged on to the Internet and as usual went straight to the schizophrenia forum.

I don’t really think mental illness exists Some people still find it hard to believe mental illness is even real. But, even if we don’t have a full-time job, many of us complete meaningful volunteer work, personal projects and write books about our experiences. You don’t look schizophrenic It’s just moronic to think we should have some kind of dishevelled uniform or spend our days outside in a straitjackets.

Here’s 14 things not to say to someone with schizophrenia.

You’re so brave/inspirational Being ill doesn’t really make me either, you patronising buffoon! This is like soooo schizophrenic Using my diagnosis as a verb just trivialises a disabling, life-long illness.

He had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic three years before but had only ever taken one tablet of the drug sulpiride - he refused to take any more after experiencing side-effects.

After a daily dose of EPA, "he is now up and about and trying to pursue an Open University degree course," Dr Puri says.

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