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They may not even think that they've done anything wrong. In any case, it appears that the planets provide you with enough independent, personal happiness that this shouldn't be too much of a problem for you now.There may be problems now with work colleagues especially if they are being over demanding.Your creative energies are strong while the Moon transits your fifth house.You're more likely to be daring and willing to experiment with your partner this week. Make sure your expressions are received in the way they're intended.You’ve shut yourself off from your innate sensitivity through fear of being hurt.Someone may give you the opportunity to restore this element of your personality and that brings a renewed trust in people and life generally.If you don't pay attention to that still voice you do so at your own risk.Perhaps you won’t feel the negative karma from this immediately but karma is like the tail of a comet - always following you it wherever it goes.

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Domestically, if you sweep problems under the rug it's only a matter of time before the issues re-surface to come back and haunt you.

You have a huge appetite for work but this needs to be well directed if you’re going to receive the accolades that you deserve now.

And anyhow, it's still Christmas so give yourself a break.

You need to open up your environment to new energies.

If you're feeling cramped and there's nothing in your life that is emotionally or spiritually stimulating, you must change this now.

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