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Did he have Bishop Michael’s permission to look into his personal clergy file?

Did he get the approval of Bishop Nikolai and Bishop Matthias or Metropolitan Jonah to look into and let others see those files? Or will these bishops find out about all this by reading it here?

To continue to pursue a closed case means –at the very least–that the Chancellor does not accept hierarchical authority –t say nothing of due process.

In 2012 Fr Vladimir was suspended by Bishop Michael after a complaint of clergy misconduct.

This was done without the knowledge or consent of either Metropolitan Jonah or Bishop Nikolai.

This presents several questions about the authority of Jillions to share such personal information without consent, not to mention if those files are in fact keeping with generally accepted Human Resource practices as what should and should not be in personnel files.

Bishop Michael did the stand-up thing and accepted the Court’s decision; he lifted Alexeev’s suspension and returned him to his parish in Brooklyn.

However the Court’s exoneration of Fr Alexeev was not accepted by Fr Jillions who immediately informed the Holy Synod that he wanted to appeal the Court’s decision to the Synod.

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