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While, at the same time, these same organizations claimed to be made up of religious, Godly men who identified with the beliefs of the Catholic church.

More recently, the mafia been caught using the Vatican Bank, which is officially known as the Institute of Religious Works, to smuggle money.

This makes trade, illegal and legal, in and out of Italy easy, maybe even too easy.This is the first time that a Pope has ever said that the mafia is excommunicated from the Catholic church.Dennis Mc Carthy’s soul purpose for writing the Italian Mafia chapter in the book “An Economic History of Organized Crime” was to consider the political, geographic, economic, and social factors of Italy in order for people to have a better understanding of why the Italian Mafia is the way it is today.Later that same day, Pope Francis excommunicated the mafia from the Catholic church.Back in March, the Pope told the mafia that “hell…awaits you if you continue on this road” (Gallagher) , but June 21, 2014 was the first time a pope had ever spoken out against the mafia when concerning excommunication from the Catholic church.

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