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It's that spirit which makes ordinary ball players step around like Lajoies and Cobbs. Thereupon "Jazz" Marion sat down and showed the bluest streak of blues ever heard beneath the blue.

The article uses jazz several more times and says that the San Francisco Seals' "members have trained on ragtime and 'jazz' and manager Del Howard says there's no stopping them." The context of the article as a whole shows that a musical meaning of jazz is not intended; rather, ragtime and "jazz" were both used as markers of ebullient spirit. Or, if you like this better: "Blue" Marion sat down and jazzed the jazziest streak of jazz ever.

The earliest known references to jazz are in the sports pages of various West Coast newspapers covering the Pacific Coast League, a baseball minor league.

The earliest example, found by New York University librarian George A. in 2003, is from the Los Angeles Times on April 2, 1912, referring to Portland Beavers pitcher Ben Henderson: BEN'S JAZZ CURVE.

Daniel Cassidy, a film-maker, musician, and writer, has argued for a derivation from Irish teas, which is pronounced (according to Cassidy) "jass" and means "heat" or "passion".

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A grain of "jazz" and you feel like going out and eating your way through Twin Peaks.Although they cannot be ruled out absolutely, such derivations lack empirical supporting evidence and must be considered speculative at best, and highly improbable in the case of Cassidy's work.Scoop Gleeson, who first popularized the word, wrote in an article in the Call-Bulletin on September 3, 1938, that he learned the word from sports editor William "Spike" Slattery when the two were at Boyes Springs.A more lasting influence emerged in 1913, in a series of articles by E. "Scoop" Gleeson in the San Francisco Bulletin, found by researchers Peter Tamony (who carried out the pioneering research in this area) and Dick Holbrook, that likely were instrumental in bringing jazz to a broader public.These initial articles were written in Boyes Springs, California, where the San Francisco Seals baseball team was in training.

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