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It was held on 25 April, on which day the heathens had celebrated the festival of Robigalia , the principal feature of which was a procession. The "Litania Minor ", or "Gallicana", on the Rogation Days before Ascension, was introduced (477) by St.The Christian litany which replaced it set out from the church of S. Valentino Outside the Walls, and then at the Milvian Bridge. Mamertus, Bishop of Vienne, on account of the earthquakes and other calamities then prevalent. In the Ambrosian Rite this litany was celebrated on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after Ascension.

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These processions were called litanies, and in them pictures and other religious emblems were carried.

In Rome, pope and people would go in procession each day, especially in Lent, to a different church, to celebrate the Sacred Mysteries.

Thus originated the Roman "Stations", and what was called the "Litania Major", or "Romana".

Litanies appeared in honour of God the Father , of God the Son, of God the Holy Ghost, of the Precious Blood, of the Blessed Virgin, of the Immaculate Conception, of each of the saints honoured in different countries, for the souls in Purgatory, etc.

In 1601 Baronius wrote that about eighty forms were in circulation.

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