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Unfortunately, the show loses some of its luster in later seasons as it tackles large-scale government conspiracies and morphs into something akin to , a police procedural with a twist.

Liv More (Rose Mc Iver) is a zombie who works in a Seattle morgue, where she eats the brains of murder victims.

Add To Netflix Queue" data-reactid="205" villains of the week, and an attractive cast buoyed by one of the coolest guys on television, Stephen Amell.

The first two seasons go down quickly and sweetly, but the third season hits some rough patches." data-reactid="228" villains of the week, and an attractive cast buoyed by one of the coolest guys on television, Stephen Amell.

, however, loses its allure in later seasons as Nancy Botwin works herself up the chain from small-time pot dealer to distribute to international drug kingpin and forgets about why she got into the drug business in the first place: To provide for her kids.

Add To Netflix Queue" data-reactid="58" is a light comedy that grows progressively darker over the course of the series as the stakes are raised, but the show works best in its early seasons when it’s just a grieving mom (Mary Louise Parker) out of her depth trying to sell dime bags in a conservative suburban community.

It’s not a fun show, and it’s barely entertaining, but like , it’s the kind of series where the viewer is anxious to binge through it just to see if the antagonists will survive and how.

It’s a seedy, well-written, well-acted series, and Bateman is terrific, but the entire point of sees a money launderer (Jason Bateman) and his wife (Laura Linney) move from Chicago to backwoods Missouri in an effort to clean million in three months, lest their entire family be killed by a Mexican drug cartel.

The series mostly succeeds, however, on the charms of its cast — Rahul Kohli is a particular standout, while David Anders plays the series’ Spike — and the clever, quick-witted writing (despite the presence of a zombie, the weekly cases tend to be fairly conventional).

Add To Netflix Queue" data-reactid="181" manages to not only match its predecessor but miraculously improve upon it.

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