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All of the children are homeschooled, and access to entertainment such as movies and television is limited.

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Although he evaded legal charges, Josh Duggar, now 29, has continued to see his share of scandal: He was exposed as an active user on Ashley Madison, and a pornographic actress accused him of sexual assault.Michelle soon became pregnant again, this time with her first set of twins, Jana and John-David.Michelle gave birth 17 times (twice with twins) over a period of 21 and a half years, approximately one birth every 15 months on average. They only watch programs they consider to be wholesome family television and various historical events. They adhere to certain standards of modesty in clothing in accordance with their religious beliefs.On May 22, 2015, TLC suspended the series when the Duggars' eldest son Josh publicly apologized for having "acted inexcusably" following reports that he molested five girls, including some of his sisters, by fondling them.These events occurred in 20, when he was 14 to 15 years of age, and prior to the beginning of the show.

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