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Weeks before our reunion, we asked one of Aveen's friends what to bring as a gift for Aveen.

She replied, "Please make sure not to bring 'oriental' perfume oil as it triggers a bad response.

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Then, in January 2016, she was given the chance to heal and rebuild her life thanks to the "Special Quotas Project." The ambitious scheme, launched by the German state of Baden-Württemberg, brought 1,100 women and children — all former ISIS captives, and mostly Yazidis — to the country.Aveen, along with nearly 7,000 Yazidi women and children, were captured by ISIS fighters in the summer of 2014, according to U. At the time, the militants were expanding their grip on northern Iraq, and shortly after taking the city of Mosul, they rampaged through nearby Sinjar, home to nearly half a million Yazidis, including Aveen's family. Six of Aveen's family members are still missing, including two sisters who may be in ISIS captivity to this day.In a halting, whispering voice, she recounted her ordeal — how fighters beat her then drugged her. "There was nothing they didn't do to me," she said as she tried to hold back her tears.We first met the shy, soft-spoken seamstress two years ago in a camp for displaced people in northern Iraq.Aveen had just escaped from her horrific ordeal and was living with her mother in a tent.

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