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Does error message have “nv4_STOP: 0x0000008E” string and you have Nvidia video card?If you are using 3rd party drivers, remove or disable them and try the manufacturer’s drivers.The MEA subscale contains four items and measures math evaluation anxiety.

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Or you can run that batch file listed on the below webpage for it to run automatically.

If all of the above is correct but STOP: 0000008E and Blue Screen still appear, test your memory with Mem Test86 to check if it is faulty.

(19), it was hypothesized that a two-factor model, comprising orthogonal Learning Math Anxiety (LMA) and Math Evaluation Anxiety (MEA) dimensions, would provide an adequate fit to MARS-R scores endorsed by undergraduate college students.

As a control model, an undifferentiated one-factor model was also tested and compared with the two-factor models to determine incremental fit.

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